“Carry That Weight,” a work by Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz.

Listen to Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz, talk about her ongoing work Carry that Weight (also called Mattress Performance). In Carry That Weight, Sulkowicz will carry her dorm room mattress with her wherever she goes until her alleged rapist no longer attends Columbia University. This is a powerful idea and an image with real staying power–it’s simple design ensures that it will promote a lot of necessary dialog about rape. That a student created it makes it all the more phenomenal. I teared up only minutes into listening to her discuss her ideas behind the performance. Hats off to this young artist for her profound bravery. We stand with you, Emma.

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Gregg Deal plans new work to promote dialogue about racism

Read about Gregg Deal’s thought-provoking work, “Redskin,” in this Huffington Post article. Donate to his Indiegogo campaign for the project here.

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Rashaad Newsome to Perform at Brooklyn Museum

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.17.07 PM

In conjunction with Rashaad Newsome’s forthcoming Brooklyn Museum show, Newsome will perform a live version of his video art work, KNOT, on September 6th. See an interview with Rashaad here.

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Performance artist sees Koons exhibition as space for a site-specific work

Whether you like Koons or hate Koons, he is now a part of the fiber of art history. So say, if Koons was recognized with a major retrospective (like the exhibition currently on view at the Whitney Museum) common decency among artists would acknowledge that that is not the platform for us to grab the mic. And yet, with a nod to Kanye’s interruption of Swift at the Video Music Awards, a performance artist interrupts the Koons retrospective, splashing a red “X” on the walls, causing the galleries to be temporarily closed. Art on the edge–or just poor taste? I can’t help but feel bad for artists and art lovers that may have traveled to NYC specifically to see the Koons show, only to be kicked out of the galleries while the museum assessed the damage.

Read the article here.

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Thoughts on extended duration in performance by Alistair Noble

Alistair Noble’s article, Explainer: Extreme Duration in the Performing Arts, as published in The Conversation.

From the article:
“Words might point a way towards approaching the work, but understanding will only come through experience.”

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Time Out interviews Laurie Anderson

Read Time Out’s interview with Anderson, here.

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Questionable Global Stories performance banned from Swedish festival

Regardless of their intentions, collective Global Stories’ performance Through Different Eyes, was cancelled because of public outcry. The work allowed the audience to swap races through makeup and costume–a proposition that, while promoting a necessary dialogue about race, resulted in the generation of numerous blackface-like images circulating the social media circuit. Considering that blackface is inappropriate in nearly every context, we can’t say that the outcry was undue. Read about it here.

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